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Celebrities love to flash 1

Celebrities Wearing See Through Clothes Celebrities love to flash their bits and how better to do it than with see through clothes. No waiting for pesky wardrobe malfunctions. You’re clothes are walking wardrobe malfunctions when they are see through. Just make sure you don’t wear underwear. Celebrities know that well. […]

Household Garden Pests 1

Are you having problems on your organic garden regarding the pests that are continuously chewing on your precious organic herbs, vegetables and fruits? These pests will surely give you a throbbing headache. They will eat your yields nonstop eventually killing your organic plants. This is a very serious problem. If […]

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A Thanksgiving We Won’t Forget 1

The little car struggled up the winding mountain highway called the Winchester Grade in Northern Idaho. We were on the way to spend Thanksgiving weekend with our son-in-law Nathan’s mom and family. Ginny drove Nathan’s car. The four cylinder engine whined for relief. Ahead of us, Ginny’s daughter, her husband […]