Bullies are all alike 1

  One time when I was just a kid, someone called me stupid and I told my mother about it.  Her response to me was, “Well, are you?”  “No!”  “Okay then, why are you upset?  If they think you’re stupid and you aren’t, then they’re the one with a problem, […]


Valentine’s Day special

Good Romantic Dinner and Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Having valentine’s day dinner, is the most important for thing to do. Other concerns are ideas of what to write in a valentine’s day card, great valentines day ideas for her, valentine’s day special, good restaurants to celebrate valentine’s day, suggestions to […]

A Stranger in My Bed

After everyone had gone to bed, that was always the best part of the day for Jennifer. Today was no different. Her computer on, her favorite toy in her hand, glass of wine on the table downstairs. Family and husband all sound asleep. She always loved the feeling of silk […]


new years apple

New Years’ Resolution 1

Today, my professor was absent. I was thinking why did I pay all this tuition in the first place? Jokes, but I did have a mildly productive day – we’re working on something called the Fall Arts Guide which is a compilation that comes out in September cataloguing all the […]