Celebrities unexpectedly photographed wardrobe malfunctions.

A list of Celebrities unexpectedly photographed wardrobe malfunctions.  Say cheese!!





Britney Spears, The Toxic singer, almost gave us a glimpse of her nipples as the plunging neckline exposed a little too much flesh.












Jordan, aka Katie Price, was promoting one of her books when an arm lift led to a fashion faux pas.













Geri Halliwell, The former Spice Girl, turned up to the British Children’s Awards Show in London wearing a very flimsy, floaty red dress â?? which was proved when a gust of wind decided to test her dignity.


















Paris Hilton must have been a bit chilly on a day out shopping, as not much was left to the imagination under her shear top. magination under her shear top.


















Jodie Marsh was having a difficult time trying to find a top that fit.














Pixie Geldof, was caught bra-less.











Mischa Barton made a boob out of herself when she went out on the town without a bra.














Flavia Zoccari, was left struggling to cover the gaping hole exposing her backside and also had to tearfully abandon the 200m freestyle final at the Mediterranean Games in Prescara, Italy because there was no replacement cossie available.









Janet Jackson was performing with Justin Timberlake as the ‘wardrobe malfunction’ incident occurred, causing outrage.











Sophie Reade, celebrity to hit the scene is Big Brother, had her fair share of wardrobe malfunctions.










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