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When I first began to listen to rap music as a student at the local high school, it was mostly screwed-down versions of hits by UGK and freestyles by Lil Keke, Lil Flip and Yungstar. Only after I graduated did I begin digging deeper into rap’s history, with East Coast lyricism pulling me one way and West Coast gangsta rap the other. One of the first rap CDs I purchased during this timeframe was Vol. 2 … Hard Knock Life by Jay-Z. I was sold.

Under the influence of rap often lead to violence, drugs, and alcohol.

Song Lyrics:
Famous Artists That Have Gone To Jail For Violence:

50 Cent- Domestic Violence
“I flip the gun and gun butt these niggas
Take the knife off tha AK and gut these niggas”
Lil Wayne: We Be Steady Mobbin

“And niggas still hatin’, so much hate I need an AK”
Kanye West: Mercy

Young Jeezy- Shooting
Snoop Dog- Voluntary Manslaughter
Artist Smoking Weed Before Performing

Song Lyrics:
“Get a pound break it down, blow it like trial”
Lil Wayne: Wasted

“Smokin’ on that dope I done got a bag for cheap
Eyes barely open and I’m glued to the backseat”
Lil Boosie: Smokin’ On Purple
Just some of the alcohol mentioned in the song by Jamie Foxx “Blame It”
“Get the Patron, and tell ’em that it’s on
Put the smoke in the air and get stoned”
Cassidy: My Drink & My 2 Step

“Start with straight shots and then pop bottles
Flirt wit the hood rats then pop models
Okay we poppin champagne like we won a championship game”
Birdman: Pop Bottles
Song Lyrics:

Violence has always been a problem all over the world.
Increased 18% since 2011.
What kids are listening to is affecting how they are acting.
Most rap music videos contain money, cars, women, and drugs.
Some even show the artist using drugs.
Rap has always glamorized drugs & made them seem acceptable.
Underage drinkers account for 11.4% of all the alcohol consumed in the United States
There are many songs in the rap industry that make alcohol seem cool & fun. They don’t realize that they have listeners under the age of 21 that they are influencing.
70.6% of 10th graders have tried alcohol.
Rap teaches kids about the ‘good’ effects of alcohol before they are old enough to drink.

Wiz Khalifa- On My Level

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