A Stranger in My Bed

After everyone had gone to bed, that was always the best part of the day for Jennifer.

Today was no different. Her computer on, her favorite toy in her hand, glass of wine on the table downstairs. Family and husband all sound asleep. She always loved the feeling of silk against her naked body, and after years of sweats and t-shirts, one day she was fed up with denying herself, and went and bought a few pairs of silk pajamas, some sleep shirts and even a couple of chemises. Her husband had not even noticed. His interest in her had waned over the years, she wasn’t sure why. She honestly felt good about herself- a couple of kids and hitting 40, sure, she wasn’t Sofia Vergara, but who was? She liked the way she looked. She actually had taken to going into the bedroom in front of the mirror, after the kids had gone to sleep, and slowly taking her clothes off. It was a relaxing release, letting her skirt fall, her top off, unclipping her bra. She really liked wearing sexy panties, and always left those on.

Looking at herself in the mirror now, her still pert breasts naked, nipples hardening, she felt like feeling them. Her husband rarely spent more than the requisite time it took him to get hard and orgasm. She was never touched. She ran her hands slowly up her stomach and cupped her breasts. Two fingers slid around the bottom, the top, circling her nipples. She grabbed each one between her thumb and forefinger and twisted a little. She licked her finger and got it slick, and played some more, watching herself in the mirror. Whenever she masturbated, Jennifer liked to make it last. Maybe because sex rarely went past the 5 minute mark, or maybe it was because she enjoyed prolonging the pleasure. She was feeling particularly horny this night, so she put on a short mauve chemise over her white lace thong. “Well, I guess it’s time for my weekly try at getting some attention,” she thought, seeing her nipples poke out under the silk. She turned around and looked at her ass, still nice and round and tight, raised her hands in the air as if she was reaching for something, and checked that her would peak out. She walked out into the living room where her husband was parked in front of the TV. She went to the bookshelf, reached up to “look” for a book, her hands up for a good five seconds, and turned around. Nothing. Seriously? She looked right at him. His zombie-like state gave her all the information she needed.

Typical night at the Collins’ household. She sat in the chair, carefully crossing her legs so he could see under the chemise if he chose to look in her direction and opened her book. Fifty Shades of Grey. She didn’t even like the book. She just knew that her husband knew what it was about, she bought it on the off chance it might spark something. Like all her other efforts, it was wasted. She felt compelled to try though. She wanted to do everything she could. After Greg said goodnight and got up to go to bed, she went downstairs. She lifted the screen to her laptop, and typed in her favorite destination. Lush HD movies, “female friendly” as the website said. The women were so beautiful, but this particular website made it known that they did not airbush or otherwise alter the women. She liked it like that, not covering up birthmarks or blemishes, the women seemed real, like her.

She liked watching the masturbation videos. It was interesting to her to see how other women did it, and she liked trying new things. She felt her body through the fabric of the chemise while she watched. Her nipples looked so sexy and hard. The silk felt so luxurious against her skin. She pressed her hand over the chemise, over her panties. She massaged gently, as the woman in the video. She followed her every move, as if she was looking in a mirror. The silly scene faded into the background, and she only saw the woman, her now in her mind, in the video. She wondered what she would look like on the screen, making a note of that as something she would like to try. When the women in the video slid her panties off, so did Jennifer. When she lifted up her shirt (ostensibly to show the camera of course, but for access as well), so did Jennifer.

Jennifer did EVERYTHING the woman in the video did. It was SO fun! As she watched, she marveled at the fact that the woman so worked up and wet. Some of the porn she watched was so funny, because it just made her think “how is that woman getting off like she appears to be when she isn’t even wet?” Jennifer was well worked up now listening and watching and touching. Now the woman had a dildo inside, and it looked as if her body had just taken over. She plunged the dildo inside at increasing speeds and forcefulness. The woman slapped at her clit. Jennifer did as well. She had never done that, and the sweet sting of her hand hitting her bare clit was amazing! Jennifer let her hands go wild as the woman’s did. Harder and faster, slapping and rubbing. How was she lasting so long??? Jennifer wanted to cum so bad, but she waited. Soon the woman’s legs tensed up and she let out a loud short moan. Her hands slowed, her body shook. Jennifer’s did too, she let out a loud grunting sound and then a skittery laugh. She had a huge smile on her face. She stared at the close up shot of the woman’s pubic area. Jennifer had never thought of shaving everything off, but looking at her wet glistening lips, her clit hard and poking out, it looked so beautiful.

She got up, shut the laptop, and went into the bathroom. She slid the chemise off and looked in the mirror. Why WAS she leaving that hair there? For HIM? Who cares, he never went down there anyway. She went upstairs, careful not to make too much noise, and found his clippers and went back downstairs. She stepped into the little extra bathroom’s shower stall. She took a breath, and slid the clippers straight down from her belly button to her clit. She felt liberated as she watched the bits of hair fall onto the dry shower floor. After a few more swipes, her triangle closely cropped. She found the extra razor, and turned the shower on. As the air went down the drain, she slid her soapy hands over the area. Lifting her leg up against the wall, she carefully slid the razor up her labia and down again, then the other side. Up and down over her pubic area. Carefully around her clit. She rinsed off, grabbed a towel and patted dry. She stood in front of the mirror, eying her new bareness and smiled. She watched her hand in the mirror move towards it……

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