How to Write a Stellar For Rent Ad for your Income Property 931

How to Write a Stellar For Rent Ad for your Income Property.

Forget curb appeal—as a landlord or property manager, heading straight for that go-to task is jumping the gun. “Curb appeal” assumes that potential renters have already made the first big step: Actually showing up to check out the property. Your first job is getting them there. The importance of quality content, complemented with attractive photographs and maybe even some virtual tours, has never been more pressing. There’s a lot of competition out there, and you need all eyes on your rental property.
It’s a fine line between covering the basics (square footage, anyone?) and including the kind of information that other owners of houses, condos or apartments in the area might forget. For example, is the property walking distance to a Zagat-rated restaurant? Don’t forget about the appeal surrounding the property, too—people aren’t just interested in a great home. They want a great neighborhood.

Your Code’s Been Broken

Using “cozy” for small hasn’t fooled renters in years. Drop the codes, slangs and overused realtor lingo because it’s not doing the trick and renters are so used to seeing the same thing over and over that they’ve become immune. However, don’t go polar opposite and try to stand out with exclamation points, all caps or other “look at me” tactics. Truly high quality content doesn’t need circus antics. a professional property management company will know just how to put a marketing package together.
Instead, keep things short, sweet and actually informative. Nix the passive language and the overused adjectives. Don’t reiterate what the pictures already show because space is limited (and precious). Make every word count. Yes, it’s important for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes to state that you’re leasing a two-bedroom townhouse even though that’s obvious in the pictures, but pepper in some engaging and useful content along with the foundational descriptions.
Tap Your Inner Salesman

The ultimate goal of your ad is to convert eligible readers into quality renters. Include a call to action, preferably consisting of an email, phone number and contact form. Don’t leave information blank if you’re including the listing on a site’s form—if you don’t know whether the condo has gas or electric stoves, find out before listing. That might be the make or break detail to lure in the renter of your dreams.

Break up blocks of texts with bullet points. People want instant gratification, and it’s likely that your ad is the fiftieth one they’ve scanned that day. Finally, while wordsmithing is a great skill to hone, still be honest and realistic with both the photos and the description. After all, your potential renters are going to figure out the truth when they visit the property and there’s no point in wasting everyone’s time (including yours). Showcase the property in the best light, but if the kitchen is far from spacious or stunning, don’t call it that. Focus on the real attributes and, just like with online dating, you’ll be sure to reel in the right catch.

A professional property management company will know just how to put a marketing package together for your property to help keep your passive income flowing in.

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