An evening meal out… 1


An evening meal out and…..

She knew that he would follow her; knew that he’d been eyeing her ever since she had stepped into that bar alone.

She strolled over to a table in the corner and knew that those dark eyes had watched as she took her seat.

He watched her as she picked up the menu and studied it as she waited for the waitress to come to take her order.

She didn’t have to wait long. The waitress was a tall thin solemn looking woman of about middle age, and she looked like her life had been full of disappointment and strife.

“What can I get for you tonight miss?” she enquired politely.

She perused the menu quickly and opted for a jacket potato with a side salad.

“And can I get you a drink?” The waitress asked solicitously.

“A glass of white wine please.”

“Will the house white suit you?”

“Yes that’s fine thanks.” She smiled up at the waitress.

The waitress narrowed her eyes briefly before returning the smile, albeit a little more guardedly. “Your food should be about twenty minutes miss, and I’ll be right back with your wine.” she said as she turned on her heel and disappeared back the way she had come.

Carla sat there and let her eyes roam the room. As they reached the far corner she came to halt as her gaze met, and was held by the man who sat there.

He was partly in shadow, so she could only see him in profile, but it was a good strong profile with a long thin nose and what looked to be a square jaw line with just a hint of stubble. Obviously he’d shaved that morning but the beard was already making its attempt at surfacing.

His eyes were dark almost black and they latched onto her own blue gaze with an almost ruthlessness that made her feel dizzy.

How long she sat there gripped by his stare, she couldn’t have said.

It was the waitress who broke the connection by returning with her drink, and a small dish of peanuts.

“To keep you going until your meal is ready.” She smiled at Carla, this time a little more relaxed.

“Thank you!” Carla exclaimed beaming up at the other woman with delight at her thoughtfulness.

“My pleasure, miss.” She hesitated as she glanced around her quickly. “We don’t get many ladies in here miss, especially not on their own – like. So you should be careful miss.” She advised in a low voice.

“I will.” Carla promised with a reassuring smile.

The waitress gave her one last glance before leaving her alone again.

Carla sipped at her drink and nibbled on a few nuts.

She didn’t dare to look into that corner again, but could feel his gaze burning into her.

“Come on Carla!” she snapped under her breath. “You know this is exactly why you came into a place like this; so don’t you wimp out now.”

She took another gulp of the wine – for courage, and then glanced arrogantly across the room again.

He was still there, still watching her and now she could see his mouth twitching into a parody of a smile.

“Oh dear!” Carla sighed shakily as she felt her heartbeat a fluttering. “Maybe you’ve bitten off more than you can chew with that one!”

She broke the contact again and kept her gaze firmly on her glass and bowl of peanuts. She had polished off both by the time the waitress came back with her meal.

She placed it in front of Carla who closed her eyes and sniffed appreciatively. “Oh that smells wonderful!” she sighed happily.

“Thank you miss, I’ll be sure and tell the chief.” She picked up the glass and dish and stepped back. “Can I get you another glass of wine miss?”

“Yes that would be lovely thank you.” Carla smiled again as she picked up her knife and fork preparing to tuck into the food.

She had not had anything to eat since breakfast; and now at seven o’clock in the evening, she was absolutely famished.

The waitress came back with her second glass of wine and placed it on the table. “Enjoy your meal miss.” She smiled as she left her in peace to eat.

Carla polished off the food and just managed to refrain from licking her lips in satisfaction.

She sat back to sip at the second glass of wine, and once more allowed her gaze to drift across to the far corner.

The booth was empty.

Carla slumped in her seat in disappointment. “You fool!” she hissed bitterly. “What man wants to be ignored, while you stuff your face?”

She sniffed back a little tear and took a gulp of her wine.

The waitress walked passed and seeing her plate pushed away, she came across to collect it.

“Was everything all right for you miss? Can I get you anything else?”

Carla smiled up at her a little less cheerfully but still a friendly sort of smile. “Yes everything was perfect thank you, and a coffee would be nice please, and the bill.”

“I’ll be right back with those.” She promised as she collected Carla’s plate and left her again.

Carla took another sip of her wine and fell to studying the room again.

“Can I join you for a nightcap?”

The deep husky voice started up the butterflies in her chest again, but she forced herself to breath normally before deigning to answer.

She looked up at the man from across the room, and her breath caught in her throat.

“Yes please do!” she whispered a little croakily.

Instead of sitting across from her as she’d expected him to do, he sat down right next to her, so close that his thigh pressed against hers.

Carla gave a soft little whimper and gulped back the last of the wine.

It hit her blood stream like a steam train, and she had to blink several times to clear her vision.

“Your coffee and your bill miss.” The waitress plonked the coffee on the table and glared at the stranger.

The stranger just gave a little smirk. “Two brandies please Cathy, and put them on my tab will you?”

Cathy the waitress gave a little disapproving sniff in Carla’s direction, as she picked up the cash that Carla had placed with the bill; before turning and storming off again.

Carla sipped at her coffee, trying to control the guilty blush that wanted to heat her cheeks.

The man leaned forward a little to rest he elbow on top of the table, the hand under the table though rested lightly on Carla’s knee.

“Has anyone ever told you what a beautiful woman you are?” he asked in a low tone.

Carla fought the urge to pull her leg free, she shook her head.

“Not recently; no.” She mumbled.

He leaned closer so that she could feel his breath on her; not an unpleasant sensation, in fact it was one of the sexiest things that Carla had felt in a long time.

His breath was warm, and surprisingly fresh smelling; with just a hint of alcohol in the mix to make it sexy instead of clinical.

She gave a little shiver.

“Well you are.” He smiled a low lazy smile. “You are an incredibly beautiful and sexy woman and I would love to leave here with you tonight.”

This was what she had come in here for tonight. To pick up a stranger and have a one night stand with him.

This stranger though was so much more than what she’d been hoping for; that Carla couldn’t quite believe her luck.

“I’d like that too.” She murmured in a low gruff voice.

He moved his hand a little further up her leg, feeling the soft silky skin of her thigh.

His hand didn’t remain there though; he allowed it to drift further up, to slide under the hem of her skirt, and then continue up.

He found the edge of her panties, but didn’t let that stop him as he simply nudged it aside.

His fingers found the damp warmth between her legs and his nostrils flared in approval.

“I’ll just bet that you taste as good as you smell.” He whispered as he began to rub at her clitoris, quite roughly.

Carla couldn’t speak as he swept her along on a tide of feeling.

It had been so long for her, and she had been so horny all day, that it didn’t take much.

This being fingered by a devilishly good looking man, under the table in the middle of a busy pub.

Carla leaned into him a little.

“Oh god I think I’m going to cum!” she whispered in pure anguish.

“And this is only the first time for you tonight my lovely; I promise you that!”

He put his other arm around her and held her tight against him as her orgasm claimed her with a low moan and a shudder.

He took his hand away, after a moment and placed it to his face.

He inhaled appreciatively for a second and then his tongue dipped out to taste delicately the tip of his finger.

“Oh yes!” he sighed with satisfaction. “I’m so going to enjoy eating your pussy.”

He stood up abruptly. “I’m just going to wash my hands.” He told her discreetly. “Not that I don’t just love your scent all over my fingers, but I just know that I’ll enjoy it so much more if I have to wait for more of you.

Carla watched him walk away with a bright blush on her cheeks; she waited only until he was out of sight before grabbing her coat and bag and bolting for the door.

She met the waitress with their drinks as she headed for the exit; Cathy gave her a look of surprise as Carla shot passed her.

“Tell him I’m sorry.” She mumbled over her shoulder.

She raced from the pub to the other side of the street, stumbling to a halt close to an alleyway.

She stopped for a moment to catch her breath, and calm her frantic nerves.

As her breathing settled she heard footsteps coming slowly after her and a shadow fell across her.

Of course she had known that he would follow her. She thought hazily as she blinked up at the man who was now towering over her.

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