Thoughts of you.

love_you,hello kitty

Destiny awaits me,
I know it will come.
Fulfill me, heart,
it has already done.

Brought light into my soul,
a smile to my face.
I no longer feel cold,
your lips I can taste.

Her warmth is upon me,
the passion already there.
I see the warmth in her smile,
even though she’s not there.

The mere touch of her skin
as her hand strokes my face,
my heart gives in,
and skips a pace.

The light in her eyes,
its impossible to hide.
Like a woman on the ocean riding a tide,
the feelings I can not subside.

The most beautiful thing
you have given to me
I know in my heart,
one day we will be.

Security, compassion,
and love I will give,
as you have shown me love
and the strenth to live.

We will walk together some day,
I know it’s true,
walking along the sandy beach,
when the skys at its deepest blue.

The deepest love I have wished for
will be here at my door.
There is no other
I would rather adore.

I believe in our love,
it’s magic I see.
For I will be waititng forever,
as with you I want to be!

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